An Intrinsic Love for The North

The Magic Of The Lens

I’ve always had a love for awesome photography, since my school took the class out on photo shoots in grade 8. The old black and white cameras capture a special moment of someone’s personality that always seemed a little bit like magic. After a long hiatus from photography I have once again picked up the camera as I start a new journey in life through the tundra of the Arctic Circle.

I specialize in animal photography and the unique landscape of Nunavut, Canada. If you wish to purchase or licence a photograph please leave me a message in the contact info form below.


Hobby Photography

The Beginnings Of A Strong Foundation

Over the years, I’ve developed a good feel for creating images of increasing quality. Whether you need new slides for a website, shots of animals in action for your video or just want to see the beauty of the Arctic Tundra, I can get the photos you need with the spirit you’re looking for without compromising your artistic vision.