Lapland Longspurs are one of the most abundant birds that nest in the Arctic. And are the most abundant bird in Nunavut. They are a small songbird that weighs roughly 27 grams and has a wingspan around 30 centimeters. Lapland Longspurs are a sexually dimorphic species with the females not displaying the dramatic facial markings that the males possess.

Lapland Longspurs are found all across Nunavut except for the northwest of Ellesmere Island. During the winter, the small birds fly south to central and southern United States where they feast upon seeds while they wait for spring to fly north to their breeding grounds.

Scientists estimate that the population of the Lapland Longspur is over 40 million in the North American Arctic. They are abundant in the wet tundra, rarely venturing into the rocky terrain where the Buntings call home.


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